Gesine is an artist with a strong personal style. When she isn’t directing or designing for animation, she makes sculptures and illustrates children’s books. Her work can be found in galleries along the west coast.

Gesine’s life, as seen from space, is a dotted line that leads from a small town in Germany to Art College in Stuttgart, on to London, where she earned an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art, and then across the pond to Portland, Oregon. In the UK she worked as a freelancer for media companies including Aardman and the BBC before taking a job with animation studio LAIKA in Portland. As a designer and director she has shaped the look of award winning advertising campaigns and short films. Highlights of her career include design for Ben&Jerry’s, eggos,, The Goodlife Recipe and ESPN and direction for M&M’s, The American Cheese Board, Oxfam and Crayola. For the Harvard Medical School she designed and directed the animation for Once Upon A Tide, an educational film about the health of our oceans. She is equally comfortable with pixels and with paint, having worked in the whole range of animation media from stop-motion and drawn animation to CG and combined techniques.

Gesine Kratzner - Director Crayola

Crayola – Color Your World

Gesine Kratzner - Director Oxfam Gift Better

Oxfam Gift Better

Gesine Kratzner - Director Once Upon a Tide

Once Upon a Tide

Gesine Kratzner - Director M&Ms Under Arrest

M&Ms Under Arrest

Gesine Kratzner - Director Cookie Crisp Flying Cookie

Cookie Crisp Flying Cookie

Gesine Kratzner - American Cheese Board Clay People

American Cheese Board Clay People